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Welcome to the Microsoft Biz4Afrika Hub Community!

Biz4Afrika is proud to announce exciting new free features all in aid of assisting your business’s growth. Check out the new Biz4Afrika Directory​ where you will find a list of businesses including your own if you have registered, that is categorised by sector, location and size, similar to the yellow pages.

There is also the Biz4Afrika Sell Stuff, here you will have access to exch​ange your products and/or services much like a real marketplace, only, it is online.

Then there is the Biz4Afrika Ask Stuff​ to assist you in getting your questions answered. And last but not least, the option to share articles you may feel a friend could benefit from, or a marketplace listing your family member has been in desperate need of, all you need to do is share it with your family, friends or colleagues on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin by clicking on the share button. Go on! Check them out now! They are all free and ready for you to use.

A new article on the Basics of a Start-Up has landed on the Biz4Afrika Hub. Click here to check out this valuable information on starting your business.​

Don’t forget to register your business if you haven’t done so already. Follow this link to get your business registered today and get access to all the awesome free and discounted offers. ​

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Are You an Existing Business Owner?​​

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Are You Starting a Business?

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