Free SMART Hire Ideal Candidate Profiling Tool

Free SMART Hire Ideal Candidate Profiling Tool

Hiring the right staff can potentially be a mine field, not to mention the legal and cost implications to terminate the appointment of a candidate not performing to expectations. This can jeopardise the sustainability and profitability of your business.

By answering some critical job related questions, our SMART HIRE Ideal Candidate Profiling Tool guides you to create an Ideal Candidate Profile of the job, matching it to the specific requirements and personal attributes of the ideal candidate.

The free SMART HIRE Ideal Candidate Profile is used as a basis to assess, match and rank shortlisted candidates for the job and comes in the form of various types of assessment reports, from basic to advanced, to assist you in your selection decision of who best matches the Ideal Candidate Profile. (Keep in mind each job has its own unique candidate profile)

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