The MEDO Entrepreneurship Programme

The MEDO Entrepreneurship Programme

To get onto the MEDO Programme, entrepreneurs have to apply via the MEDO website by filling in the electronic application form. Criteria for application is that the entrepreneur must have an existing business and be working full time in the business.

Once applications are screened, entrepreneurs are put through a rigorous interview process and successful applicants are then channeled into the appropriate programme includes:

  • Pre-Business workshops: Applicants who have not yet started a business are invited to a one-day workshop on opportunity identification and how to turn an idea into a business. Once they have started their business, these entrepreneurs can then apply for a formal MEDO programme.
  • The Foundation Business Skills Programme: Entrepreneurs who are in the early phase of business are put through a 6-day training course on the basics of running a small business. Entrepreneurs also have access to the MEDO walk-in centre where free internet access and telephony is provided. Networking events are held every two weeks where entrepreneurs can interact with each other and key business decision-makers.
  • Supplier Development Programme: Businesses that are more established, have employees and formal business processes in place are put through a six day boot camp that will prepare them for trading with large Corporates as part of their supply chain. These entrepreneurs have access to the walk-in centre, shared business services and networking events. Conclusion of the boot camp also sees them presenting their businesses to procurement managers and other decision-makers from potential clients.
All MEDO Programmes and services are provided at no cost to MEDO entrepreneurs. Once they are part of the MEDO family, these entrepreneurs have access to all future specialised programmes and networking events.

To apply for a MEDO Programme, please visit the MEDO website and apply using the online application form.

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