Free Office 365 Training with Bolster

Free Office 365 Training with Bolster

Claim your FREE Office 365 or Excel training course when signing up to Bolster

Our service connects you with a network of experts across a broad range of disciplines including technology, marketing, sales, business management, operations, human resources, legal matters and more. Trained agents are available telephonically 24/7, logging your requirements!

With Bolster you get:

  • Free Office 365 or Excel Training
  • Business Advice
  • Accounting SMEasy
  • Leads
  • Your own PA
  • Purchasing Power
You also get access to (simple registration is required) for additional assistance such as:
  • Tailor-made legal documents like employment contracts or loan agreements
  • List of discounts on travel, wheels, office equipment and other discounted vouchers
  • Registering for business leads
  • Promoting your products and services via our voucher system to large databases
  • Topical articles and how to guide on financial, tax, IT or legal matters

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