A Range of Free and Discounted Online Services for SMEs

A Range of Free and Discounted Online Services for SMEs

When we build a website, we focus on how to make the site the company’s best sales and marketing channel. As a small business, you do not have the resources of a large company; therefore, your online presence plays an even more important role in marketing your products and services.

Your website should and could be your most effective sales and marketing channel and ThoughtCorp can help you get there. We do this through website development, online customer activity tracking and conversion optimisation, search engine optimisation and the process of nurturing leads through the sales cycle. We are offering you, the small business owner, the expertise and experience we have learned in over a decade of building and marketing websites for many of South Africa’s largest companies.

As part of the Biz4Afrika initiative we are offering small businesses a range of free and discounted paid for online services. The free services include a search engine optimisation analysis, a website assessment report and heat mapping, and a lead nurturing evaluation and inbound training session.

In addition to the free services, ThoughtCorp provides a wide range of web development and online marketing options for small businesses.

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