Website & Domain Name Services from Vodacom Business

Website & Domain Name Services from Vodacom Business

Vodacom Website Builder Overview

The web builder is targeted towards any company that requires an on-line presence. These are clients who already have a small business or starting a new business but would like to have their own website using their own domain name instead of the more general ISP e-mail account.

Vodacom’s Site Builder will allow our customers the ability to create and publish a website through a five-step wizard.

Vodacom provides a State-of-the-art internet hosting environment: the internet data centre is fully managed and secure. Vodacom provides for server monitoring and backups are included. Hosting X-Press infrastructure platform is hosted in an internet data centre that is built and engineered to ensure the highest possible reliability (for both network connectivity and mains power supply)

Fully secure internet data centre: 24X7X365 data centre security. Internet data centre is fully equipped with state-of-the-art security camera technology which are enabled to perform full environmental monitoring.

Full server monitoring, backup and Security: The web server on which your websites are hosted is constantly monitored and all your data is regularly backed up to ensure optimally functioning and recovery capabilities.

Vodacom DNS Overview

Domain Name Services from Vodacom

A domain name allows you to have a professional presence on the Internet. It makes you look like one of the "big" players. Domain Name Services (DNS) from Vodacom cater for all your domain name service needs. Our DNS package contains a full suite of the services listed below - giving your company full control over its domains.

Domain Name Services at a glance

Domain Name Services from Vodacom Business include the following:

• Domain Registration

• Domain renewal after the free period

• Domain look-up

• DNS hosting

• Email MX records

All your domain service needs are provided for with Domain Name Services from Vodacom – whether you simply require a look-up to find out if a domain is available, or an all-encompassing domain service solution.

*domains cannot be transferred within the first 12 months

Benefits of Domain Name Services from Vodacom Business

Making use of the Vodacom Business Domain Name Services can offer several benefits for your business.

Without your own registered domain, your email and website addresses will generally be based on the domain name of your hosting or Internet service provider. Purchasing and registering your domain through Vodacom, will allow you to uniquely brand your website and email addresses e.g. and

Exclusivity and trademark protection
Obtaining your own domain name through our Domain Name Services ensures that you have the exclusive use of your company name on the Internet and prevents anyone else from using your company name for their own website.

Having your own domain name allows your company to gain credibility with prospective customers and projects a professional image of your company. You will be able to register a website like, rather than a generic address supplied by your ISP, like

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