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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend GEC 2017

Johannesburg is the first African host of this year’s prestigious Global Entrepreneurship Congress in March, which will see leading innovators and thought-leaders from around the world share their knowledge on entrepreneurship and its growth and development the world over.​

Guests from over 160 countries are expected to attend GEC 2017 and speakers include the likes of Discovery founder and CEO Adrian Gore, Deputy President and businessman in his own right Cyril Ramaphosa, Tala founder and CEO Shivani Siroya, Microsoft Corporation President for Africa and Middle East Ali Faramawy, and SEA Executive Head Kizito Okechukwu, among many others.

The purpose of the conference is to bring entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, and researchers together to discover new ways of aiding the start-up industry with new ventures. This year’s theme is ‘Digital Disruption’, bringing the focus on how enterprises can adapt to digital changes in business environments.

There are five reasons you should attend the conference this year:

1. As an African entrepreneur, GEC 2017 being hosted in an African city is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and challenges to businesses in the digital age directly from some of the best thought leaders in the subject. Plus, attendance is free.

2. Gain valuable insight into modern entrepreneurship and its unique challenges - challenges that did not exist until the digital age. Learn about a range of subjects from how to become a digital disruptor, how to fit your product to your market, how to identify trends and niches, and how to invest in emerging markets to how to develop entrepreneurs, using social media networks to grow your business, and setting up workable policies. The broad range of information you will be able to access at the conference is unequalled in the near future.

3. The conference is localised for the African market. As an African entrepreneur, there is nearly no other way to gain the type of knowledge about entrepreneurial innovation than the GEC 2017, which has several African speakers and companies representing the continent as a growing and thriving entrepreneurial hub.

4. GEC 2017 provides the ideal opportunity to network with investors, innovators, shareholders, and businesses who are interested in contributing to the development of African entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. Its specific aim this year is to consolidate the Pan-African objective of enhancing common perspectives between African countries and enabling partnerships and collaborations.

5. GEC 2017 will provide junctures at which one can find like-minded individuals who have the exact talent or product that may set your enterprise apart from others through a collaboration or added-value. It’s also the place where you can open your mind and possibly come up with new ideas for your business.

GEC 2017 takes place from 13 to 16 March, 2017, at the Sandton Convention Centre. Visit the website for more information.

By Roane Swindon

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