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How To Attract New Clients This Year

​​A business is only as good as its client base and it says a lot about your success and growth if you are not bringing new feet through the door. Don’t worry if this description fits your business: it’s the new year and, if you set your mind to growing your business by gaining new customers, you can take your company to new heights.

The question is: how do you attract those elusive new clients? Are paper fliers handed to random people waiting at the traffic light enough to make an impression? Will promotions and specials make the cut and bring in new faces? How about those time-honoured testimonials from loyal clients?

Here are six creative ways you can grow your client base this year:

1. Collaborate with businesses who offer complementary products or services and then combine the offering at a special price. Both businesses win!

2. Draw attention to everything your business offers by making combinations of services and offering them at a special discount. You’d be amazed how much people don’t know about your business.

3. If you’re an online business, don’t merely take part in social networking: be a part of the conversation by providing value through valid content that provides answers to questions your clients may be asking.

4. Add value to your services based on what you hear your customers talk about or issues that you spot. For example, you’re a plumber and you’ve just unblocked a drain but you notice a leaking tap. Replace the washer at no extra cost, and add that it was a complimentary service. This is an excellent way to make a lasting impression and will inspire clients to talk about you.

5. Forego the advertising spend and give your customers that money instead. This will work well in your immediate locality, and will require you to send friendly letters to your prospective clients that give them an actual gift certificate to purchase something in your store - no terms and conditions. This is a gutsy move, but will make an impression.

6. This last option might not be unique, but it is impressive: always follow up! Find out from your clients how their experience was with a combo offer they purchased recently, or email to find out if they have any questions or problems. This also counts for networking relationships. Keep closing the loop and your client base will grow.

By Roane Swindon

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