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Motivate Your Staff To Make This Your Best Business Year Yet

​The festive season is still sitting heavily on your staff’s bank accounts, shoulders, and bellies and it seems to be the worst time to attempt to motivate them. In fact, this is the ideal time to tap into their own desires to fulfil New Year resolutions and help keep them eager to reach the business’ goals and their own.

You will need to encourage them to reach their own potential. If they do not feel as though they are stagnating in their position, they will easily be motivated to help your business reach its goals. 

Here are nine ways you can help motivate your most valuable business assets:

1. Don’t ask them to work harder. They are already feeling the strain of their jobs and life balance. Ask them instead to work more efficiently: make to-do lists; stop checking their phones every five minutes; complete tasks within required time-frames; and use their tools effectively.

2. Help them focus on what they can be grateful for in their lives. At the beginning of the week, ask every employee to write a list of what they are grateful for on a post-it note. Then ask them to stick it somewhere on their desk where they will see it a few times a day. A study found that gratitude was a major factor in overall motivation.

3. Be thankful! As the leader of the business, it helps that you show your employees that you are grateful for what they do. Drop in a sincere ‘Thank you!’ whenever you can, and you should add compliments when appropriate, too.

4. Ensure your office environment is conducive to keeping your staff fresh and motivated. Remove distractions such as televisions or personal radios, make sure the office has lots of fresh air, and even write up an inspirational quote on a white board every day to show you are also involved.

5. Consider splitting the office up into cubicles. While this is contrary to current office design, it has been found that allowing members of staff to have their own workspaces that are not constantly accessible by everyone aids their own motivation and concentration. 

6. This point can go hand-in-hand with (5): Allow and encourage your staff to be creative with their cubicles. If you allow them to express their individuality, they will be relaxed and more focused.

7. When teamwork is required, ensure the team you put together complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Well-matched teams have the added benefit of making each member feel useful as they will use their own skills to their full potential.

8. It is difficult for the boss to keep an open door in the modern workplace, so make regular appointments with employees on a one-on-one basis to find out how they are on a personal level, to review their role in the business and what they are currently working on, and if there is anything they need help with.

9. Train, train, and train. In order to have invested employees, you need to invest in them. Provide opportunities for employees to improve their business skill set, and run a competition once a year offering the winning employee a free course of their choice within a certain financial limit. This will once again acknowledge their individuality.

By: Roane Swindon

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