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Five Tips For Staying Positive

Staying positive is not always easy in the world we live in. Turning on the news has the ability to sour ones mood instantly, while the age of social media has meant that negative elements can now reach us within seconds.

As much as we try to keep positivity running through our veins, it is very difficult, but there are ways to ensure we shut out the negative energy and keep that smile brimming.

So, how can we do it? Here are five tips for staying positive...

1. Remain Optimistic

This may sound a little crazy, but the more you take the rosey outlook on life, the more you will breed positivity. The reality is that almost every situation is solveable, but it is often our attitudes which make them worse. If you are able to see past the doom and gloom, your positivity levels will rise to new heights. This is achieveable by simply taking a step back from situations and evaluating them, solving them, and moving on as a happier person.

2. Overcome your fears

Again, this may sound a little crazy, but if you have any fears that tend to cripple you, we suggest trying to face them head on. Facing your fears is a great way to clear your mind of negative thoughts, thus opening the door to positive energy. Now, we aren't suggesting you go and jump out of an airplane high up in the sky, but rather taking day-to-day fears and conquering them. If you are afraid to speak in front of people in a meeting or driving on highways, think of ways that you can work towards pushing those fears to the side - and actually overcoming them. No matter how small your fear may seem, once you have overcome it, you will be ready to take on the world.

3. Create A Positive Living Space

Your home may be one of the reasons you find yourself feeling down a lot of the time. If you live in a dark space, with little natural light and fresh air flowing through it, you better take heed. An open, light living space will instantly up your mood and give you a positive feeling. Open your curtains and windows, do some decluttering, even consider a change of paint colour on the walls - you will thank us later.

4. Get Outside And Exercise

Research has shown that stress and worry can be eased by simply becoming more active. The more exercise you are able to complete, the more your body will respond positively - which will only make you a more positive person. Go for a 30-minute walk four times a week, do some pushups and situps on a daily basis, or simple go out dancing. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is a happy mind.

5. Surround Yourself With Positivity

You will never be able to shut all negativity out of your life, but you can definitely supplement it with positive energy. Pick an inspiring quote you wish to live your life by and read it to yourself every morning. Steer clear of the news if you are easily influenced by sad stories, and rather listen to inspirational music. Block negative influences on social media and follow people who care to be positive. Simple changes like those mentioned are highly likely to rub off on you and ensure you get the injection of positivity you need to keep going. 

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