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Getting Your Employees To Disconnect From Work

​In today’s workplace, filled with easy and 24/7 access to workers through email, cellphones, WhatsApp, and even Facebook, it truly is difficult to disconnect from workplace issues. Constant connection can also result in a range of modern illnesses such as stress, burnout, and even exhaustion.

Here are some things you as an employer can do to encourage your employees to live full personal lives:

  • Do not expect them to be accessible 24 hours a day unless their position specifically requires it (for example, if they are in charge of security). Make it a well-publicised company policy.
  • Do not require them to use their personal emails and phone numbers for work purposes. If they access their personal inbox or phone in their spare time, the last thing they should see is a message from a workmate or client, as it will simply encourage them to continue working. Give everyone their own telephone and workplace email address.
  • As the boss, set an example by disconnecting from work, too. When you’re on holiday, inform them that you will not be available through any means. Avoid sending emails after hours as it will make employees believe working at all hours is necessary and that they will be judged on overtime.
  • Assist in delegating tasks and ensure there is not only one person who can do any task so that employees can be confident that they leave their work in capable hands.
  • Incentivise taking time off work. While large companies such as EverNote and FullContact are paying employees to take non-working holidays, smaller companies can incentivise by giving coupons or arranging free accommodation or activities.
Roane Swindon

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