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Why MyAnalytics Will Save You Time

​Nowadays you can track everything from the number of steps you take to what music you listen to the most, but the Microsoft app, MyAnalytics takes self-analysis a step further with the aim of helping you manage your time better to be the best businessman you can be.

Designed with the office executive in mind, MyAnalytics comprehensively records and analyses what you spend your time doing and with whom, using data from your Microsoft Office 365 email and calendar, targeting a sweet spot of self-awareness that will show you when time is being wasted and how you can create better habits while you work.

The main offerings of MyAnalytics include:

- The ability to set goals and monitor your movement towards them;
- Help you understand how and when you collaborate with people; 
- Tracking the time you spend in meetings, with groups, writing emails, and actually working; 
- Make suggestions on how to keep an eye on groups and their members; and
- Offer valuable insights into how you spend your time and how you can spend it more efficiently.

What makes MyAnalytics unique is its ability to delve into your personal habits with regards to spending (or wasting) time so you can see where you can improve. Its focus is also collaborative, as you can understand how you work with others and with whom you should work more.

So the question is how to use the tool effectively?

Firstly, keep your dashboard up to date. Remove contacts and groups from it who are no longer part of your immediate workload. Constantly update your goals and those specific to your groups.

Secondly, keep an eye on your focus time (i.e. time spent working for more than two hours at a time) versus your meeting time. Once you see how much time you spend in meetings rather than working, you can dedicate more time to focus time instead by delegating more tasks to others, sending out more emails instead, and holding meetings only when necessary.

Thirdly, if a lot of your meeting time is taken up by multitasking, you need to question the value of your time in those meetings and whether you should really be multitasking during them. If most of your multi-tasking takes place during recurring meetings, consider whether these meetings are necessary.

Fourthly, ensure the MyAnalytics add-in is activated for your Outlook email. The add-in will give you insight into how well you’re keeping up with your emails, how long you take to respond, and if your interaction with a particular person has changed. You can change your behaviour accordingly. The add-in will also tell you what the read-rate is on your emails, which is especially useful if you’ve sent an important email. If the recipients have not read it yet, you can do something about it.

Finally, pay attention to your group section to see how much time you’re spending with every group and every member of it according to goals you ​have set. MyAnalytics will give you suggestions on how to reach your goals.

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By Roane Swindon

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